Light Riesling full of character, that is my ideal of a Moselwine. In a high-class terroir and with vines of a high age is where our grapes maturate. We try to flourish those natural treasures in our wine cellar only with minimalistic intervention. Our philosophy orientates itself towards the traditional winemaking, which we interpret in a contemporary way.

The tradition of our winery dates back to the year 1803. Our ancestors bought vineyards in the Maximiner Klosterlay during the time of secularization under Napoleon. To the present day our winery is rooted upon this vineyards. In the year 2008 we were able to purchase the winery Carl Schmitt-Wagner and with that a real vinological cultural monument. His vineyard in the Maximin Herrenberg was planted in 1896 with ungrafted vines and still today it stands in its original. This makes it one of the oldest Riesling-vineyards in the world.