Maximin Herrenberg |
As a tax map, dating from 1868, shows already the Prussians classified this site in the highest category along the Mosel. The aroma is defined by red slate soil. Our vineyard in the Maximin Herrenberg was planted 1896 and still stands in its original! More infomation »| X
Ritsch |
Up until shortly after WWII the Ritsch was seen among the best the Mosel has to offer. Nowadays this sleeping giant still shows its original profile since there has never been a “Flurbereinigung”. Thus countless walls made of slate and ledges save the warmth during the day and give the wine their unique character. More infomation »| X
Maximin Klosterlay |
The vineyard our winery was built upon. Already the Benedictine monks at the abbey St. Maximin near Trier realized the potential of this vineyard. The blue slate soil allows mineral, refreshing Riesling to grow here. More infomation »| X
Laurentiuslay |
The terroir of this site is defined by a unique soil structure. Fine grey slate brings an exotic aroma structure into the wine. The south-west facing vines have ideal possibilities to relish the late autumn sun. More infomation »| X